The lasting elimination of hair by pulsed light

The ARIANE machine is number 1 in France for hair removal thanks to a permanent innovation strategy. To this fantastic technology, a unique and exclusive aesthetic care protocol is associated with the know-how of professionals trained each year by doctors and trainers.


To effectively and sustainably remove hairs

Photo-hair care by pulsed light is a cosmeto-technical treatment of progressive and lasting elimination of hair, presenting as an alternative to waxing or shaving. Thanks to this softer and more effective method, opt for a unique hair removal experience more respectful of your skin, less aggressive than conventional and ephemeral hair removal methods.

How it works ?

The photo-hair care is to combine the technology of pulsed light with the residual effectiveness of specific cosmetic products.

1. The pulsed light

2. Cosmetech products

The cosmetics of the Ariane Cosmetech range contribute to the weakening of the flashed hairs, while acting against the effects of the age.




The energy of the pulsed light and the Cosmetech range to effectively and sustainably remove hairs.


The light wave penetrates your skin and is absorbed by the melanin of your hair.



This light is transformed into heat.

Which causes the destruction of the taste buds of your hair.



Application of serum & Cosmetech balm after the application of IPL.


In the days following the care, 20% of the hairs will fall naturally, without any act of hair removal.



Result after 5 sessions 

 Effectiveness on dark hairs : After only 5 sessions of photorepilation, the density of dark hairs on the area decreased by 75%






The technician first carries out a control as well as a cleaning of the area to be treated taking care to protect the sensitive zones.



She sets the appropriate program according to the area to be treated, the type of skin and hair in order to use the most appropriate and secure energy.


Before starting the session, a contact gel is placed on the area to be treated.



For your safety, keep your glasses while using the flash lamp.



Flashes are performed on the selected area.



Clean and control the treated area.


Finalize the treatment by applying the Cosmetech professional serum by effleurage, then apply the Cosmetech anti-aging balm until complete penetration of the product.






In 1972, the American Harte filed the first patent on the principle of pulsed light. Mr. Harte was of course inspired by his experience on lasers to invent the first pulsed light flash lamp. In his patent, he describes the mechanism of photo-hair care giving fluence values ​​and pulse duration still valid today. Only disadvantage of his protocol: it required to treat the hair one by one, by flashant individually through an optical fiber. The process was therefore very long and expensive.

Since then, a lot of progress has been made on the technological aspects of machines for a better control of hair removal techniques with pulsed light. The machines are now fast enough and the processing surfaces large enough to be able to flash two half-legs for example in half an hour, with irreproachable quality.

In the early 1990s, the first aesthetic IPL are manufactured, they arrive on the French market 10 years later.



We discover that lasers and IPLs can permanently eliminate hair


The first aesthetic IPL are manufactured


The first IPLs arrive on the French aesthetic market Eurofeedback manufactures its first aesthetic IPL


There are more than 3000 IPL in France


Exclusively for women

This traditional hair removal technique for prolonged regrowth (up to 3 weeks) and for a softer skin and a finer hair.

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